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OK Haiti is a web platform which organizes and publishes online, data and information about Haiti and the Haitians all over the world. o promote a positive image of Haiti and a positive Haitian mentality. Be the reference of Haiti and the Haitians on internet. All about Haiti!
I Am Kreyol is a woman's high fashion brand, inspired by Haitian cultural ideals, that represent the Resilience, Style, Strength and Freedom in EVERY WOMAN. Our designs should remind you of your undeniable power and allow you to feel like a piece of art. No matter who you are or where...

Today in history: September 17th

September 17th: 1792  The Polvelrel commissioners Ailhaud and Sonthonax arrived in the harbor of Cape 1988 Coup d'état against General Henri Namphy. 1994 Arrival of an American delegation to negotiate with the authors of the coup in September 1991.
Lisa a la Mode: http://lisaalamode.com/  Lisa is of Haitian descent, mother of Jackson Blaise "JB" and she lives for fashion and makeup. Journalist by trade, Lisa a la mode's blog is about everything a woman would need to have a stylish and confident life. From beauty and style posts to content...
Interview with artist Belina Wright. Belina Buisson-Wright a self-taught artist of Haitian-American descent. Went to college to become a teacher and during her years of classroom instruction, she began experimenting with acrylic paints. she also believes that this ability is a God given gift. She is a native Floridian of Haitian American descent. She...

Giovanna Menard

Giovanna loved fashion since a very young age, though she grew up to become a lawyer in Port-au-Prince. After traveling to New York to take some jewelry making classes, she fell in love with the craft and upon returning home to Haiti, began creating jewelry in her spare time....

Azede Jean-Pierre

Azéde Jean-Pierre is an independent women's ready-to-wear design label based in New York city. The namesake was founded in February of 2012 & walks the line between fashion and art, femininity and edge. It is dedicated to developing clothing that empowers women by pushing the boundaries of functionality and...
March 30h: 1844 Death of General Jérôme Maximilien Borgella.
March 29th: 1818 Death of Alexandre Pétion. 1821 Arrival of Mgr. Glory to Port-au-Prince. 1987 Approval of the 1987 constitution.
James Joseph was born in PAP and he moved to the US when he was 14 years old. He has been cooking for the last 5 years. His mother and his aunt are chefs too so cooking has been a passion for him since he was kid. He loves to...
The beautiful Hispaniolan Trogon (Priotelus rosegaster) is the national bird of Haiti.  Its populations are threatened since the undisturbed forests that it prefers are disappearing in Haiti.  It is found mostly in the upper elevations of the mountain ranges and always in trees and shrubs.  The common name –...

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