DN - Cap Haitien copiaKnown as Haiti’s second capital, Cap-Haitien is the North department’s urban pole. Famous for its concentration of historical monuments, this city and its surrounding areas is one a rare few Haitian cities thriving from their tourism based economy. 

DN - Cap Haitian 3 copiaPicturesque Caribbean beaches and a long list of Haiti’s most famous monuments, including the world heritage site of Citadelle La Ferrière, have all contributed to making Cap Haitian a worldclass vacation destination. In fact, Cap Haitian welcomes a greater number of international visitors than anywhere else in the country.

DN - Cap Haitian 2 copiaThis city of Cap Haitian is unique and its particularly well-preserved French colonial architecture is certainly worth a look.

The Cap Haitian International Airport, the second largest in the country, offers several daily flights to and from Port-au-Prince as well as DN - Cap haitian copiainternational flights to and from other neighboring areas such as Florida, Providenciales and other destinations in the region.


The Money Museum

DN - MonneieLocated in Cap Haitian, the Numismatic Museum was inaugurated by the Bank of the Republic of Haiti (BRH), in 2012. Aiming to highlight Haitian numismatic heritage, the museum exhibits a comprehensive collection of all the coins and banknotes that have circulated in Haiti from the period before the first European colonists arrived in America to contemporary times.

Haiti Money- MonneieThe museum’s collection of coins, introduces visitors to the genesis and progression of the Haitian monetary unit, the Gourde, whose name comes from “peso gordo” (heavy weight). Notes and coins are exposed alongside a narrative of their respective histories.

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