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Interview with Lisa Jean-Francois

Lisa a la Mode: http://lisaalamode.com/  Lisa is of Haitian descent, mother of Jackson Blaise "JB" and she lives for fashion and makeup. Journalist by trade, Lisa...

Interview with Belina Wright

Interview with artist Belina Wright. Belina Buisson-Wright a self-taught artist of Haitian-American descent. Went to college to become a teacher and during her years of classroom...

Today in history: March 30th

March 30h: 1844 Death of General Jérôme Maximilien Borgella.

Today in history: March 29th

March 29th: 1818 Death of Alexandre Pétion. 1821 Arrival of Mgr. Glory to Port-au-Prince. 1987 Approval of the 1987 constitution.

Interview with Chef James Joseph – Kitchen Bongou

James Joseph was born in PAP and he moved to the US when he was 14 years old. He has been cooking for the last...

Interview with Venita Bell Shaw – CHES International Organization

I recently left my position as the AVP of Operations for Hingham for Savings where I was employed for 16 years and working 40...

Haiti the beautiful


Tasso (Fried beef or goat)

Skill Level: Medium Cuisine: Traditional Course: Lunch Portions: 6 Portions Time: 2hs . Tasso is beef or goat meat cut into cubes/pieces, marinated and deep fried. Tasso is a very popular dish and is...

Interview with Jean-Daniel “JD” Roussel

Jean-Daniel "JD" Roussel professional football player, currently playing for Green Bay Blizzard as a defensive back, in the IFL league. Personal Life: Born in Port...

Ruben Paul

Ruben Paul is one of the most unique and versatile comedians working today. His quick wit, and vivid story telling takes audiences on a...

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