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Haitian Proverb: Se siro ki rale foumi

"It is the syrup that attract ants."

Haitian Proverb: Gran nèg se leta

"The rich man is the authority"

Flag upside down

No comments! Is this a ritual?

Today in history: August 1st

August 1st: 1800 André Rigaud ordered the destruction of the city of Les Cayes. 1860 Ratification of the Concordat by the Haitian Senate. 1902 The town of Petit -Goâve rose...

Picture of the day: September 30th


May 18th: Flag Day

May 18th - Flag Day

Today in history: June 29th

June 29th : 1939 Review by the National Assembly of some articles of the Constitution of 1935.

Today in history: August 30th

August 30th: 1915 Charlemagne Péralte refused to obey the Americans. 1959 A group of Cuban mercenaries were left on the soil of Haiti with the intention of causing the...

June 9th: Labadee

Labadee - Nord Department

Tasso (Fried beef or goat)

Skill Level: Medium Cuisine: Traditional Course: Lunch Portions: 6 Portions Time: 2hs . Tasso is beef or goat meat cut into cubes/pieces, marinated and deep fried. Tasso is a very popular dish and is...

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