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Haitian Proverb: Pye bèf pou pye bèf, map prann kay pratik.

"Better the devil you know than the devil you don't"

Haitian Proverb: Zanmi pre se zanmi kòd anba bra.

"Friends close by are friends with ropes tucked under their arms (Even your best friends can't be trusted - Some of them may actually be...

Picture of the day: August 9th


Haitian Proverb: Santi bon koute chè

"It's expensive to smell good."

Picture of the day: November 14th


Today in history: May 14th

May 14th : 1885.A fire destroys part of the Cayes Ville. 2006.First day as a President  for the second time of René Préval 2011.First day of Michel Joseh...

Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean was born in croix-de-bouquets, Haiti, on October 17, 1969 is a Haitian rapper, musician and actor. At the age of nine, he...

Today in history: 28th

May 28th : 1811: Establishment of the Royaume du Nord. 1891: Attempt of coup d’état in Port-au-Prince 2015: Ceremony of the official entrance of Dany Laferrière to l’Académie française.  

Today in history: May 16th

May 16th : 1812.As part of the fight against Henri Christophe, Petion ordered the recruitment of peasants.  

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