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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Today in history: October 25th

October 25th: 1946 Resignation of the entire cabinet of Dumarsais Estime. 1954 Death of Luc Grimard.

Kreyòl Word: Babay

 Translation: Bye Bye   "See you later, bye bye!" 

Today in history: August 21st

August 21st: 1830 Birth of Mgr. COnstant Mathurin Hillion. 1934 Official celebration of the end of the American occupation.

Picture of the day: September 8th

Abaka Bay Beach

Haitian Proverb: Volè pa janm renmen volè parey li.

"A thief never likes a thief like him."

Haitian Proverb: Tèt ki abitye met chapo ap toujou met chapo

  "The head of the family will always bear a hat"

Kreyol word: Byenvini

 Translation: Welcome  "Welcome to our celebration"

Kreyòl Word: Fòse

Translation: Force

May 20th: Kafe

Haitian Proverb: Mizè fè bourik kouri pase chwal.

"Misery makes donkeys run more than horses"

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