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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Picture of the day: October 24th

Villa Nicole - Jacmel

Haitian Proverb: Santi bon koute chè

"It's expensive to smell good."

Today in history: June 30th

June 30th : 1815 General Louis Félicité Salomon was born in Cayes. 1879 Brawl in the House of Representatives. 1886 Re-election of President Solomon for a seven years term. 1902 Electoral mess...

Kreyòl Word: Gran Nég

Translation: Rich Man

Kreyòl Word: Kreyon

Translation: Pen

Picture of the day: July 15th

Plage Public - Cotes des Arcadins

Picture of the day: August 29th

Formont, South

Today in history: October 7th

October 7th: 1979 Death of Gérard E. Lescot. 1991 Designation of the jude Joseph Nérette as provisional president.

Kreyòl Word: Kanpe

Translation: Stop

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