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Monday, April 22, 2019

Haitian Proverb: Wòch nan dlo pa konnen doulè wòch nan solèy

"The rock in the water does not know the pain of the rock in the sun."

Picture of the day: July 31st

Ile Rat - Labadee

Today in history: June 30th

June 30th : 1815 General Louis Félicité Salomon was born in Cayes. 1879 Brawl in the House of Representatives. 1886 Re-election of President Solomon for a seven years term. 1902 Electoral mess...

Picture of the day: July 5th

Kaliko Beach

May 19th: Prestige Beer

Prestige Beer - At the Beach

Haitian Proverb: Si se Bondye ki voye, li peye frè ou.

"If it is God who sends you, he'll pay your expenses."

Today in history: July 24th

July 24th: 1824 Nationalisation of the property of the Catholic Church. 1911 The general Cincinnatus Leconte self-proclaimed " leader of the revolution. 1988 Inauguration of Msgr . François Gayot as...

Today in history: August 2nd

August 2nd: 1911 Resignation of Antoine Simon. 1916 The Senate is abruptly dissolved. 1925 Death of Georges Sylvain.

Picture of the day: August 25th

Aquin _SUD

Today in history: June 6th

June 6th: 1985 :Publication of the document containing the amendments to the 1983 Constitution.

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