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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Today in history: March 29th

March 29th: 1818 Death of Alexandre Pétion. 1821 Arrival of Mgr. Glory to Port-au-Prince. 1987 Approval of the 1987 constitution.

Today in history: December 12th

December 12th: 1956 Resignation of President Paul Eugène Magloire.

Today in history: November 28th

November 28th: 1980 A wave of repression against journalists and politicians. 2010 Presidential and legislative elections.

Today in history: November 15th

November 15th: 1907 Death of Justin Lhérisson.

Today in history: October 26th

October 26th: 1820 Entrance of Jean-Pierre Boyer to the Cape.

Today in history: October 25th

October 25th: 1946 Resignation of the entire cabinet of Dumarsais Estime. 1954 Death of Luc Grimard.

Today in history: October 24th

October 24th: 1928 Change of name of the Army. 1991 Attack Radio Tèt Ansan, a Jeremiah station.

Today in history: October 20th

October 20th: 1974 Death of president Elie Lescot. 1997 Rosny Smarth, outgoing Prime Minister, announced that he ceased his interim duties.

Today in history: October 19th

October 19th: 1806 Assassination of Franois Capois dit Capois-La-Mort. 1888 Death of Lysius Félicité Salomon.

Today in history: October 18th

October 18th: 1806 Funeral Charlotin Marcadieu. 1850 Birth of Joseph Antenor Firmin. 1957 Parliamentarians from the elections of 22 September take office.

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