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Today in history: August 18th

August 18th: 1888 Entrance to Port-au-Prince General Seide Thélémaque at the head of an army.

Today in history: May 13th

May 13th : 1902. Formation of a provisional government: To replace the recently absence of President Tirésias Simon Sam, a provisional government is determined. It was led...

Today in history: June 24th

June 24th : 1940 Incident related to the Haitian flag during the Second World War. The Germans who conquered a part of France including Paris, went to the...

Today in history: September 17th

September 17th: 1792  The Polvelrel commissioners Ailhaud and Sonthonax arrived in the harbor of Cape 1988 Coup d'état against General Henri Namphy. 1994 Arrival of an American delegation...

Today in history: March 30th

March 30h: 1844 Death of General Jérôme Maximilien Borgella.

Today in history: June 18th

June 18th : 1799 André Rigaud victory on troops loyal to Toussaint Louverture. 2000 Massacre at Guayubin killing thousands of Haitians in the Dominican Republic.

Today in history: June 22nd

June 22nd : 1964 Inauguration of François Duvalier as president for life

Today in history: August 20th

August 20th: 1797 Expulsion of Sonthonax by Toussaint. 1966 Nomination of the first Haitians bishops. 1997 Announcement of the results of the first round of elections on April 6.

Today in history: August 4th

August 4th: 1902 Anténor Firmin builds its own government.

Today in history: October 6th

October 6th: 1915 The Convention proposed by the Americans was sanctioned by the House. 1943 Visit of President Elie Lescot in Ottawa. 1991 Joseph Nérette appointed interim president of Haiti. 2009 Publications...

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