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Today in history: July 28th

July 28th: 1813 Death of Léger Félicité Sonthonax. 1915 Landing of US marines in Port-au-price. 1942 Creation of the Coast Guard of Haiti. 2001 Attack against the National Police of Haiti (PNH...

Today in history: September 22nd

September 22nd: 1793 Solemn proclamation in Port-au-Prince of the Act of Emancipation. 1811 Prestatation of General Jerome Maximilian Borgella as president of South County Council. 1957 Elections to wear 1957.-...

Today in history: September 7th

September 7th: 1796 Election Cape French six new members whose Sonthonax and Lavaux.

Today in history: September 25th

September 25th: 1860 The Concordat is countersigned by the Supreme Pontiff , Pius IX.

Today in history: May 19th

May 19th : 1794: Port-au-Prince is attacked by English troops removing the deputies Sonthonax and Polvérel 1803.Arrest of some delegates from the Arcahaie Congress. 1920.Assassination of Benoît Batraville  

Today in history: October 12th

October 12th: 1790  Vincent Ogé arrived to Saint Domingue (The island).

Today in history: August 30th

August 30th: 1915 Charlemagne Péralte refused to obey the Americans. 1959 A group of Cuban mercenaries were left on the soil of Haiti with the intention of causing the...

Today in history: September 10th

September 10th: 2001 Act prohibiting corporal punishment against children.

Today in history: September 27th

September 27th: 1843 A decree of the provisional government headed by Herard closes the ports of the eastern part of the island. 1991 Speech by President Jean- Bertrand...

Today in history: May 8th

May 8th : 1902: President Tiresias Sam announced his retirement  

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