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Today in history: May 12th

May 12th : 1902.Resignation of  Tirésias Simon Sam. 1946. Legislative Elections: 37 representatives and 21 senators were elected. They had the responsibility of drafting a new constitution and choosing a new president 1984. Death...

Today in history: May 11th

May 11th : 1796. Arrival of the third Spanish commission to Santo Domingo. 1944.The Military designated Emile Jonassaint , as an interim President.

Today in history: May 10th

May 10th : 1950: Coup d’état against the president Dumarsais Estimé

Today in history: May 9th

May 9th : 1801: Toussaint receives a first copy of the Constitution.  

Today in history: May 8th

May 8th : 1902: President Tiresias Sam announced his retirement  

Today in history: May 7th

May 7th : 1842. Earthquake at  Cap-Haitien 1855. Louis Joseph Janvier was born

Today in history: May 6th

May 6th : 1794: Toussaint took possession of Gonaives and sided with the French     1826: Jean -Pierre Boyer signed the Rural Code of Haiti.

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