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Today in history: October 17th

October 17th: 1803 Nicolas Geffrard becomes master of Les Cayes. 1806 Assassination of Jean-Jacques Dessalines. 1902 At the end of the civil war.

Today in history: October 15th

October 15th: 1802 Petion took up arms against the French. 1876 Birth of Jean-Price Mars. 1994 Triumphant return of Jean Bertrand Aristide.

Today in history: October 14th

October 14th: 1867 Dissolution of the room by the Government of Sylvain Salnave. 1930 Parliamentary elections, the unique period of American occupation. 1993 Assassination of Guy Malary. 2011 The Senate of the Republic...

Today in history: October 13th

October 13th: 1802 Alexandre Petion joined the rebels. 1987 Assassination of Yves Volel, leader of the DRC

Today in history: October 12th

October 12th: 1790  Vincent Ogé arrived to Saint Domingue (The island).

Today in history: October 11th

October 11th: 1977 Attack to the house of an American Chief in Hinche. 1994 Resignation of Emile Jonassaint.  

Today in history: October 10th

October 10th: 1806 Arrest of independence hero, Capois-La-Mort to Lemonade. 1816 Alexandre Petion elected swore on the 1816 Constitution. 1867 Dispersion of the National Assembly by supporters of President Salnave. 1902 Decision...

Today in history: October 7th

October 7th: 1979 Death of Gérard E. Lescot. 1991 Designation of the jude Joseph Nérette as provisional president.

Today in history: October 6th

October 6th: 1915 The Convention proposed by the Americans was sanctioned by the House. 1943 Visit of President Elie Lescot in Ottawa. 1991 Joseph Nérette appointed interim president of Haiti. 2009 Publications...

Today in history: October 5th

October 5th: 1802 Charles Belair and his wife Suzanne are shot. 1975 Death of Mgr. Albert-Marie Guiot.

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