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Today in history: October 4th

October 4th: 1937 Start of the massacre of Haitians in the Dominican Republic 2014 Death of Jean-Claude Duvalier.

Today in history: October 3rd

October 3rd: 1879 Dispersion of the Provisional Government.

Today in history: September 28th

September 28th: 1994 Assassination of Jean -Marie Vincent priest.

Today in history: September 27th

September 27th: 1843 A decree of the provisional government headed by Herard closes the ports of the eastern part of the island. 1991 Speech by President Jean- Bertrand...

Today in history: September 26th

September 26th: 1962 Birth of Mgr. Pierre- André Dumas , Bishop of Anse à Veau - Miragoâne.

Today in history: September 25th

September 25th: 1860 The Concordat is countersigned by the Supreme Pontiff , Pius IX.

Today in history: September 24th

September 24th: 1994 First serious incident since the second landing of Americans in Haiti. 1996 Haiti sign the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty.

Today in history: September 23rd

September 23rd: 1831 Act enshrining the founding of Petionville. 1887 A earthquake shook the northern region of Haiti , destroying Port -de-Paix Church.

Today in history: September 22nd

September 22nd: 1793 Solemn proclamation in Port-au-Prince of the Act of Emancipation. 1811 Prestatation of General Jerome Maximilian Borgella as president of South County Council. 1957 Elections to wear 1957.-...

Today in history: September 21st

September 21st: 1811 The General Jerome Maximilian Borgella elected president of South County Council. 1868 The General Michel Domingue founded the Northern State. 1977 Haiti's Accession to the Inter- American...

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