Marie-Claire Heureuse Dessalines – 1758 – 1858

Claire Heureuse

Marie-Claire Félicité Bonheur, or Claire Heureuse, was Jean-Jacques Dessalines’s wife. She was born in 1758 in Léogâne city. They got married on April 2nd of 1800.

Marie Louise Melgrin Coidavid – 1793 – 1851

Marie Louise Melgrin Coidavid

She was born in 1778 in Ouanaminthe city. She was Henri Christophe’s wife. They got married in 1793.

Marie Madeleine Lachenais – ?? – 1843

Marie Madeleine PetionShe was born in the Dominican Republic. She was 2 times first lady, as she was the wife of Alexandre Pétion and Jean-Pierre Boyer.

Fatiman, Cécile

Cecile_FatimanCécile Fatiman was the daughter of an African slave woman and a white Frenchman from Corsica. She and her mother were sold as slaves at Saint Domingue. She is described as having long silky hair and green eyes. She was married to Louis Michel Pierrot, a general in the Haitian revolutionary army and later president. She is reported to have lived to the age of 112.

Laurence Raphael

Haitian ArtLaurence Raphael was Jean-Baptiste Riché’s wife.


Elizabeth Adelina Derival Levêque – 1795 – 1870

Adelina EmpressShe was Empereur Faustin Soulouque’s wife. They got married on December of 1847..



Marguerite Lorvana McIntosh

Haitian ArtShe was the daughter of an American business man and Président Fabre Nicolas Geffrard’s wife.

Wilmina Delacourse Salnave

Haitian ArtShe was the wife of President Turin Sylvain Salnave.


Marie Claire Wilmina Phipps – 1838 – 1897

Haitian ArtShe was the wife of president Theomas Boirond-Canal. They got married in February of 1877.


Pauline Strattman

Haitian ArtShe was the wife of president Michel Domingue.


Félicité Potiez

Felicite PotiezShe was Lysius Salomon’s wife. They got married in October 8th of 1872. She is the mother of Ida Salomon Faubert

Rose Marie Isaure Marion – 1849 – 1929

Rose Marie Isaure MarionShe married in 1869 François Denis Légitime.



Adélaide Marcial (Charles, Florna)

Haitian ArtShe married president Florville Hyppolite in July 21st of 1863.



Constance Salomon

Haitian Art

She was the niece of President Salomon and the wife of President Tirésias Simon Sam. They married the 26th of January of 1888.

Marie Louise Célestina  Pierrot 1826 – 1908

Haitian ArtShe was the daughter of president Jean-Louis Pierrot and married president Alexis Pierre Nord. They were married for 63 years.


Adelaïde Mentor Chéry

Adelaide Mentor CheryShe married in 1882 President Antoine Simon.


Rose Joséphine Laroche 1849 – 1911

Josephine LarocheShe married president Cincinatus Leconte in 1880. She died during his husband presidency.


Rose Anselinette Durand 1857 – 1936

Rose Anselinette DurandShe was born February 27th of 1857 in Cap-Haïtien. She married president Tancrède Auguste in 1878.


Alice Euchariste Pommayrac 1863 – 1945

Haitian ArtShe was the wife of president Michel Orest.



Véronique Péralte

Haitian ArtShe married president Oreste Zamor. She was sister of Charlemagne Péralte.


Lucienne Marie Thérése Parisien – 1879 – ??

Haitian ArtShe married president Vilbrun Guillaume Sam.



Gulna Dartiguenave

Haitian ArtShe was the sister of president Philippe Dartiguenave (1915-1922). She had the role of first lady of Haiti.


Hélène Saint-Mascary – 1872 – ??

Helene Saint-MascaryShe was born April 14th of 1872 in Port-au-Prince. She married president Louis Borno. They married in October 31st of 1906.


Résia Vincent

Haitian ArtShe was the sister of president Sténio Vincent. She played the role of first lady of Haiti.


Georgina Saint-Aude – 1892 – 1984

Haitian ArtShe was born in Port-de-Paix in 1892.  She married president Elie Lescot in July 2nd of 1913.


Lucienne Heurtelou  – ?? – 2006

Lucienne HeurtelouShe was the wife of president  Léon Dumarsais Estimé in January 11th of 1941. She was a diplomat in Belgium..


Yolette Leconte – 1918 – 1981

yolette LeconteShe was the wife of president Paul Eugene Magloire. They married in April 18th of 1936.

Simone Ovide – 1913 – 1996

Simone OvideShe was the wife of president François Duvalier and mother of Jean-Claude Duvalier.


Michèle Bennett

michele bennettShe was the wife of president Jean-Claude Duvalier. They married in May of 1980 and divorced in 1989.


Mirlande Hyppolite Manigat – 1940 –

Haitian presidential candidate and former first lady Mirlande Manigat speaks at a press conference on March 16, 2011 in Port-au-Prince. Manigat faces Michel Martelly in the runoff election on March 20. AFP PHOTO/Hector Retamal (Photo credit should read HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP/Getty Images)

She was the wife of president Leslie François Manigat. They got married in France in 1970. She was a senator.


Guerda Benoit Préval – 1963

Guerda Benoit PrevalShe was the first lady during the first presidency of René Préval (1996 – 2001).  She is a former ambassador in Italy and Argentina.

Elisabeth Debrosse

Elisabeth DebrosseShe is the wife of former president René Préval. She was the First Ladies during the second presidency of Préval.


Mildred Trouillot – 1963

Mildred TrouillotShe is the wife of former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. They got married on January 20th of 1996.


Sophia Saint Rémy

sophia_martellyShe is the wife of former president and musician Michel Joseph Martelly (2011-2016).


Ginette Privert

Ginette PrivertShe is the wife of interim president Jocelerme Privert. (2016)



Martine Marie Etienne Joseph

She was born in June 5th and is the wife of the 58th president Jovenel Moïse (2017)

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