Haitian Hero: Princeton janitor brings clean water to hometown in Haiti. 

As a young boy growing up in La Source, Lajeunesse and his brother Chrismedonne would make the treacherous three-hour climb up and down the side of a mountain to reach a spring. It was the only way they could get clean water for their family. They watched as their fellow villagers got sick from drinking contaminated water from the river below or injured themselves climbing the mountain trying to do the same.

When they were children, Josue and Chrismedonne vowed to build a pipeline to bring that clean water down to the village, but the money was far too hard to come by.

The 2010 Haiti earthquake made the situation even worse. Over the following months, Lajeunesse raised $38,000 with students at Princeton to build the pipeline that would bring clean water to La Source. Raising the money was only the beginning. Building the pipeline would prove immensely challenging and take the strength of the entire village to accomplish. Yet eventually, it came to be. He had a dream and made that dream a reality.

Source: CNN – Haitian Hero – Video
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