La Citadelle was nominated in 1978 as Haiti’s Historic National Park is located in the mountains of the North Department and was recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1982. It’s home to Citadelle La Ferrière, one of the most imposing fortresses built in the American continent. Also included in this park are the Sans Souci Palace, the Royal Parish Church or the Milot Chapel as it known today, the Queen’s gardens as well as the King’s Palace

Haiti Sans Souci
Sans Souci

These universal symbols of liberty set against a lush natural setting are the first monuments of Haiti’s independence. You’ll have to hike up some pretty steep hills (45 minutes) to reach Haiti’s legendary Citadel.

Haiti- Citadelle La Ferriere
Citadelle La Ferriere

For the less athletic visitors, locals in the area offer donkey or horseback rides up the to the Citadelle to facilitate the climb up the hill. Pick up a souvenir for your friends and family; there are plenty of craft sellers offering that special keepsake that’s just right for you.

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