Main Dishes from Haiti:

Mayi Moulen ak zaboka, Sòs poul (cornmeal with avocado and stewed chicken)


Pwason Boukannen (Grilled fish)

Pwason Boukannen

Griyo ak bannann peze (fried pork)


Sòs Lanbi (Conch with sauce)


Diri ak Fèy Lalo ak Sirik ak sòs pwa (Rice with Lalo, crab and beans sauce)


Kalalou Djon djon (Okra with mushroom stew)

Kalalou Djondjon

Soup Joumou (pumpkin soup)


Pwason Gwo Sèl (Boiled fish)

Pwason Gwo Sel

Militon (Mirliton or Chayote)


Bouyon Tèt Kabrit (Goat head stew)

Bouyon Tet Kabrit

Haiti is “Dous Makòs” (sweet home-made candy bar), it’s a handful of grilled peanuts. It’s a creamy smoothie that gives energy, it’s an enticing bottle of ice cola. Haiti is some appetizing “Griyo” (fried pork), it’s a delicious “Fritay” (fritter), some tasty “Taso” (fried goat). It’s a delicious vegetable stew laden with crabs, it’s flavorful rice with “Lalo” (country greens). Haiti is a scrumptious broth, a pumpkin soup well-seasoned with bell peppers. It’s mouthwatering cassava with peanut butter that you dip in “Akasan” (corn shake). Haiti is a dumpling that’s soaking in a bean dip. It’s “Bwa Kochon” (flavored liquor), it’s some  “Kleren” (hard liquor). Haiti is the divine coffee that you drink at night.


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