Haiti The Rice Fields at LEstereRice fields at L’Estère is a Haiti’s touristic potential widely recognized. Tourism gems hide around every corner. Located in the of Artibonite department, the rice fields at L’Estère will also inspire your natural curiosity. AR - The Rice Fields at LEstere 5Visit l’Estère, get a thorough glimpse of rural life outside of Port-au- Prince with the small fairs, and farms to prove it. Antique buildings and rice industry equipment are the main attractions, step back to a moment in time where life it seems was much simpler. The L’Estère region is famous for it’s culinary know-how. Try this region’s fragrant yellow rice, you’ll find there is nothing else quite like it. If you are staying in the area of Côte des Arcadins, it is a 30 minutes drive.


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