Saint Marc


Saint-Marc (Haitian Creole: Sen Mak) is a commune in western Haiti in Artibonite. It is the biggest city between Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haïtien. The port of Saint-Marc is currently the preferred port of entry for consumer goods coming into Haiti.

Haiti Catholic Church Saint MarcSaint Marc is a large port town surrounded by mountains. At all times, there are many boats in the port, typically sail boats.

The town is located on flat land close to the sea but its edges extend into the foothills. From these points, the ocean sometimes can be seen. Going to the beach is a popular activity for families and friends on the weekend. The most popular time to go is on Sunday after church.


Haiti Artibonite - Amani-y BeachAmani-y beach is a white sand beach. It was abandoned for more than 25 years before being acquired by the current developer. It is the site of a noted “Zombie hole”, a 200-meters-deep reef that features large “Elephant Ears” fan coral, sponge tubes, black coral, blue tang, sea urchins, and many more.



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