Saint Pierre Public Park is on the site of Coupe-Chardonnière, just eight kilometers outside of Port-au-Prince, the law of September 23 1831 establishes the city named Pétion by then President Boyer, in tribute to the founder of the republic. A Places d’Armes is set up on the northern edge of the new city. Its transformation into a public park does not take place until 1935. Saint Pierre quickly became one of the loveliest public parks in Haiti.

place-saint-pierre-petionville-2The parish church, administrative offices, the headquarters of the Pétion Ville police, the charming Kinam Hotel, and a number of public and private schools surround it. Saint Pierre is a great place to relax and meet people; it’s a great place to take a nice walk in the heart of Pétion Ville.

PAP - Place OIt is also home to a flower market where you will find a wide selection of flowers for purchase. Paintings, sculptures and other handicrafts can be purchased along some of the sidewalks opposite parallel to the park.

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