Saut D’Eau owes its name to a waterfall called “Le Saut” (French for “the pail”) that has cascades down from mount Terrible in the Center Department of Haiti. Saut d’Eau is a region rich in water and vegetation. The city has increasingly become a touristic center, receiving thousands of visitors year round. This city is a veritable tourist hotspot receiving thousand of visitors who come to appreciate the charming falls and to discover the deepest roots and traditions of Haitian Vodou.

Saut dEau waterfall

Saut d’Eau owes its name to a waterfall called “Le Saut”

Dubbed “city of Happiness,” Saut d’Eau is a well-known sacred site of voodoo pilgrimage. On July 16, a curtain is lifted and the true meaning of Saut d’Eau is revealed at the annual celebration of the city’s local patron saint, Mary of Mount Carmel. If you’d like to visit Saut d’Eau during this celebration, do plan to arrange for accommodations ahead of time as lodging space is limited.

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