Limbé Museum

The Limbé Museum is commonly called the Museum of Arawak Art of Guahaba, this museum is located in the town of Limbé. Inside visitors can get a close look at pre-Colombian period...

Saint Pierre Public Park

Saint Pierre Public Park is on the site of Coupe-Chardonnière, just eight kilometers outside of Port-au-Prince, the law of September 23 1831 establishes the city named Pétion by then President Boyer, in...


Art in Haiti

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Skill Level: High Cuisine: Traditional/Luxurious Course: Dinner, Lunch Portions: 4 Portions Cook Time: 2:30 h Ingredients: 2 lbs lambis (conch) 1 lime 1 lemon 3...


Skill Level: Medium Cuisine: Traditional Course: Lunch Portions: 6 Portions Time: 2hs Tasso is beef or goat meat cut into cubes/pieces while griot is pork...