Gérard Fortune

Gérard Fortune — who signs his work exclusively with his surname, Gérard — was born in 1925 (uncertain) in Petionville, Haiti. Mardi Gras He was originally...

Viviane gauthier

Viviane (or Vivianne) Gauthier (March 17, 1918 – June 1, 2017) was a Haitian dancer and teacher of Haitian folkloric dance who studied Haitian folklore with Katherine Dunham-trained Lavinia Williams...


Art in Haiti

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Epis (Spice mix)

Skill Level: Easy Cuisine: Seasoning Course: Seasoning Portions: 1 batch Time: 1hs It is a blend of onions, scallions, garlic, parsley, bell peppers, and other...

Lalo (Legume)

Skill Level: Medium Cuisine: Regional Course: Lunch/Dinner Portions: 4 Portions Time: 2hs Lalo or Legume Fey is a signature dish of Artibonite. It is a...