Stephanie Villedrouin's Photos - Les Montagnes de Belot, Haiti ...Belot is located in the verdant mountains, 9 Kilometers southeast off of the Kenskoff road. This area is an active agricultural center producing delicious varieties of onions, carrots, potatoes, as well as herbs, which locals use to make tea, including spearmint, mint, basil, and citronella.

Belot is the perfect place for quiet hikes and peaceful meditation. Another favorite activity in this area is to go strawberry picking in the fields at Le Montcel.

Le Montcel is a chalet style Hotel where you can turn your Belot adventure into a weekend. You’ll forget  all the noise and bustle of the city as you sip on their famous fresh made strawberry juice. Eco and agro-tourism enthusiasts should not miss a chance at visiting this destination.