Cap-Haitien form of art is characterized by linear elements and the artistic use of paints and brush tokes. The unique art is based on the subject of the Haitian depictions of daily life in the city, the people, the Haitian culture and the country’s heritage. Due to involvement in Centre D’ art by some Cap-Haitien artists the town gave birth to first generation artists. Their participation has been the reason behind the success of Haiti art industry. The kind of art trained varies from school to school. Some will go for traditional art while others prefer being creative. Some of the common styles as defined by Haitian artists include; realists, fantasists, impressionists etc. It is this schools which have nurtured the art talent to put Haiti top in the art world. Some outstanding artist are Philome Obin, Eric Phanord, Jean Baptiste Bottex, Obin Telemaque. Source: Haiti Observer, Haitian Gallery Art, Wikipedia