Charlotte Tanis – Haitian fashion designer


“Your Size” is a company created by Charlotte Tanis that makes tailored clothes for men and women.

She was born in Haiti with her mother being a dressmaker, she was destined to become seamstress herself!

At the age of 13 she organized her first fashion show with her friends But her ambition was to become a doctor. But because of political issues in Haiti, she wasn’t able to attend medical school so she applied for architecture courses instead.

Her classes being in the afternoon, she continued her sewing hobby in the morning, unitil she realised it was more than just a hobby.

In 1999 she revealed her first collection in a Fashion Show called Extravaganza.

Shorly after, she was invited to present her collection at the Institute of Woman Entrepreneurs (IFE).

In 2001 she got a scholarship to go study Fashion at ESDI in Barcelona. In 2003 she came back to Haiti and in 2006 she built “Your Size”.

Since then, she has been making clothes for numerous clients. She has also created costumes for Miss Earth Haiti 2014 and participated in Fashion Shows in Haiti and Martinique.

Author: Leila Jean-Julien