Clairin Distilleries of the North


Clairin – The Spirit of HaitiClairin Distilleries is a sugarcane-based spirit locally produced using traditional methods. Similar to rum, it is a type of moonshine that is legally produced in Haiti. Clairin is made from the same distillation process used to make rum, although Clairin does not go through the refining processes that separate the various alcohol types produced with fermentation.

You can visit many Clairin distilleries in Haiti’s North Department and discover a practice, which dates back to the colonial era and still plays a fundamental role in this region’s economy.

The traditional process and antique equipment used are quite fascinating. You’ll also have the pleasure of tasting the final product; proceed with caution, as Clairin is a very strong alcoholic beverage. Designated drivers should abstain from tasting and folks with little or no drinking experience should drink with moderation.