Grand’Anse (Haitian Creole: Grandans, English: Big Cove) is one of the ten departments of Haiti. It’s capital is Jérémie.

GrandAnse - Saint Louis

The Grand’Anse department used to be part of Sud Department until 1962, when the new Grand’Anse department was created. The department was reduced further in 2003, with the creation of a new department of Nippes from Miragoâne and Anse-à-Veau arrondissements.


Aerial view of Jérémie

Prior to the 2003 split, it had a population of around 600,000 (2002). Afterward, the population at the 2003 Census was 337,516. The area of the department (after the split) is 1,912 square kilometers (738 sq mi).

Anse D-Azur Jeremie

Anse D’Azur, Jeremie

Les Cayemites

Les Cayemites 2

The Cayemites are a pair of islands located in the Gulf of Gonâve off the coast of southwest Haiti. The two islands, known individually as Grande Cayemite and Petite Cayemite, are a combined 45 square kilometres (17 square miles) in area. Petite Cayemite lies just west of the larger island, Grande Cayemite. The islands are approximately 35 kilometres (22 mi) east of the city of Jérémie and are in the administrative department of Grand’Anse.

Les Cayemites

Grande Cayemite and Petite Cayemite

The Department of la Grand’Anse includes 3 arrondissements and 12 communes.

  1. Arrondissement of Anse d’Hainault
    1. Anse-d’Hainault
    2. Dame-Marie
    3. Les Irois
  2. Arrondissement of Corail
    1. Corail
    2. Beaumont
    3. Pestel
    4. Roseaux
  3. Arrondissement of Jérémie
    1. Jérémie
    2. Abricots
    3. Bonbon
    4. Chambellan
    5. Moron