Jacmel and the Carnival


Jacmel was founded in 1698 by French colonists and renown for its beaches, colorfully painted buildings and its vibrant annual carnival, Jacmel is also the birthplace of a number of famous Haitian painters and poets.

It is Nicknamed the the artistic capital of Haiti. The wrought iron balconies that line the facades of her gingerbread style houses date back to the colonial era and are characteristic of the city’s architecture.

Jacmel offers breathtaking views. The unparalleled atmosphere offered by her annual Carnival is notorious within Haiti and the Caribbean region. Just outside of town, heading towards Marigot, lays a priceless historical treasure: The Price Mill (sugar cane machine), one of the two known specimens of this type in the world. The Price Mill is a mechanism imported from England (Liverpool) 1818. This is the oldest boiler country.

Historical sites abound in this region including La Jacmellienne; Bosier Pond, The Pichon Waterfall, Orangers, Bermudes, Grandin, the Sejourné Caves, Lavanneau, and Meyeret, where the Bassin Bleu falls are located. The city is accessible both by car and flight. via a good road that connects it the Rte nationale #2 which take you back to Port-au-Prince, and an airport that is located 15 minutes from the beaches and the town center.

The Jacmel Airport does not receive regular flights but affordable charters can easily be arranged from Port-au-Prince.

Jacmel’s historic center comprises beautiful gingerbread style private homes and commercial buildings, brandishing their original balconies and arcades (built in the early 20th century for the most part).

This city center offers rare architectural harmony and a well preserved glimpse of the past. It sets the scene for rich immaterial heritage characterized by celebrations, festivals, and arts and crafts exhibits that animate the city throughout the year.

Raymond les Bains

Raymond les Bains is a popular beach located on the road towards Marigot, just 9.3 miles outside downtown Jacmel. This small slice of paradise in lined with coconut trees. Merchant Fisherman abound offering their freshly grilled fish & conch, served with boiled or fried plantains and/or other seasonal side dishes. The atmosphere there is friendly and relaxing. Raymond les Bains is a hotspot for visitors and locals alike. This beach’s exceptional location makes it a great place to enjoy your favorite water activities, including boogie boarding and surfing. The undertow in this area is known to be dangerous, use caution when swimming at Raymond Les Bains. Swimming alone is not recommended.

Ti Mouillage

Ti Mouillage is one of Jacmel’s most beautiful beaches. Her striking landscape lined with coconut trees set against a background of towering mountains have made it a popular Haiti destination for both locals and tourists. Ti Mouillage is located near the L’Amitié Hotel, just 17Km outside of Jacmel. Take a good swim or plan to go out Tuna fishing, or perhaps you could just lie on the beach while sipping coconut water and catching some sun. Remember that undertows in Haiti’s South East beaches are known to be dangerous; swimming alone is not recommended. Spend an active holiday in Ti Mouillage with friends and family. There are a number of charming boutique hotels in area as well as interesting restaurants and bars such as Lolo’s in Kabik and La Colline Enchantée Hotel in Marigot

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