Jean Yves Marchand has gone from being the chief designer for Habimode, a couture boutique based in Petionville, Haiti, to curating his own fashion line the Jean-Yves Marchand Collection.

His  greatest fashion influence is his grandmother. Growing up in Port-au-Prince, the Haiti-based fashion designer, used to watch his grandmother concoct all sorts of intricate designs for her clients. It’s around this time that young little Marchand started to develop an eye for all things high fashion. He discovered the world of fashion magazines. He even started to etch his own sketches of fashion designs.

In the mid-2000s, Marchand says he joined Habimode, a couture firm based in Petionville. Within a few months of coming on board, he was promoted as the chief designer of the line, and created hip and chic pieces for the collection.

One of Marchand’s goals is to get his line in other countries, and establish a few lone-standing boutiques; another is to push the line further on the international fashion market, and create more fans for the Jean-Yves Marchand Collection.