Jules Solime Milscent


Jules Solime Milscent (1778 – 1842) was a Haitian fabulist, poet, and politician. He was a mulatto, born in Grande-Rivière du Nord to a white French father and a free black mother. Educated in France, Milscent co-founded the periodical L’Abeille Haytienne and served in several government positions, including a seat on the commission to draft the Haitian Civil Code. Besides being co-author of the Civil Code, he is best known for his fables, such as:

Famous Works:

L’Homme, la Guêpe et le Serpent

Le Cœur et l’Esprit

L’Homme et le Serpent

Le Chien et le Loup

L’Enfant et la Sauterelle

Milscent was killed in the 1842 Cap-Haïtien earthquake.