Les Cayes


Les Cayes - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaAfter a good swim in Aquin, get back on the road and head towards Les Cayes. The Islet and Raymond rivers, which run through Les Cayes Valley, are both great refreshing rest points to include on your itinerary. The beaches in this area, with their varying shades of white and grey sands, such as those at are what truly add to this region’s charm. Every year on August 15, paradisiacal Gelée hosts the largest of Haiti’s patronal celebrations.


Thousands of visitors flock to the area to enjoy concerts by some of Haiti’s best musical groups. The variety of arts and crafts added to the gregarious laughter of visiting patrons create a warm and vibrant ambiance for all to enjoy. Haiti’s southern coast harbors the largest concentration of bays and capes in the entire country.

Haïti - Cayes : Aménagement de la route d'accès à la plage de ...This area is famous for it’s pristine white sand beaches and fresh catch of the day fish and seafood prepared both traditionally right on the beach or transformed into finer cuisine at local hotels and restaurants.
Hotel availability will vary from town to town with noteworthy tourist hotspots concentrated in Les Cayes and Port-Salut. The airport in historic Les Cayes receives flights from Port-au-Prince. Hôtels in and around this city can usually arrange for your shuttle pick up at the airport. Be sure to call ahead of time to make these arrangements.