Fort Saint Joseph nord estNord-Est (Haitian Creole: Nòdès, English: North-East) is one of the ten departments of Haiti. It has an area of 1,623 km² and a population of 393,967 as of 2015.

Fort Saint Joseph

Its capital is Fort-Liberté. It used to be part of Nord Department. It borders the Dominican Republic to the east.

The department is divided into four arrondissements:

      1. Fort-Liberté Arrondissement
        1. Fort-Liberté
        2. Ferrier
        3. Perches
      2. Ouanaminthe Arrondissement
        1. Ouanaminthe
        2. Capotille
        3. Mont-Organisé
      3. le Trou-du-Nord Arrondissement
        1. Trou-du-Nord
        2. Sainte-Suzanne
        3. Terrier-Rouge
        4. Caracol
      4. Vallières Arrondissement
        1. Vallières
        2. Carice
        3. Mombin-Crochu