Saut Mathurine


Saut-Mathurine (Camp Perrin) - 2020 All You Need to Know BEFORE ...The Saut Mathurine waterfall is located in the town of Camp Perrin, in the South Department of Haiti. This beautiful waterfall is 100 feet or so wide and drops down 90 feet (approx). The falls are fed by the Cavaillon River and aid in the local the production of electricity.

If you are staying in hotels near les Cayes or Port-Salut, Saut Mathurine waterfall is a great day-trip destination. Plan to picnic or seek out a local Camp Perrin restaurant for good eats. Her waters are always cool and crisp and the surrounding areas lush with vegetation.

If you’ve visited Saut Mathurine, you’ll surely agree that beauty it showcases could challenge the likes of paradisiacal falls the world over.